Day of Innovations in Architecture and Construction IV international forum

World Trade Center, Moscow
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About the event

"Day of Innovations in Architecture and Construction" has became one of the central business events of the building industry in Russia, whose goal is to share the best practices on a wide range of issues related to the building design, construction and operation, as well as modern approaches to city management.

"Day of Innovations in Architecture and Construction", organized by "Radi Doma - Batiactu Groupe", has held in Moscow in 2015. Since that time the forum attracts the attention of the best sectorial top managers and specialists due to its format, which includes an intense business program with the participation of big "stars" of world architecture, representatives of government and business, and demonstration of the latest achievements in the construction industry.

"Day of Innovations in Architecture and Construction" – it is more than 3 thousand specialists of the building sector, more than 50 conferences and round tables with the participation of leading experts, about 90 Russian and international leading companies in the field of innovative building materials and technologies.

2017 Photo and video report

The electronic version of the directory a "Day of Innovations 2017"

2016 Photo and video report


The Forum "Day of Innovations in Architecture and Construction" is held with the official support of the Moscow City Urban Development Policy Department, the Russian Federation State Duma Committee for Transport and Construction, the largest national associations of the construction industry.

Moscow Government
"NOOSTROY" Association
Russian Federation State Duma
National Association of Prospectors and Structural Designers

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